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BBW Sitting and Smothering

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bbw sitting

Monika is a blonde that loves to be served. She will never beg for what she wants. She is used to getting what she wants on demand with no hesitation. Today, she wants to experiment with her new lover in face sitting. She knows that he is the perfect size for bbw face sitting and wants to put her pussy on his face. She has him rub her down with tanning oil. After smothering his face in her tits, she puts her bikini covered ass in his face while sucking his dick. He quickly learns the taste of her pussy.

Chubby Sitting Monika Fat Pussy

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fat sitting
Fat sitting is Monika’s favorite summer activity. She enjoys going outside and having her lover meet her with the lotion. She insists on him having some fun and makes him lay down. She puts her voluptuous body on his. She loves putting her big tits in his face, cutting off his breath. Then she puts her lace covered pussy all over his face. He wasn’t expecting the sweet smell of her pussy folds. As he learns to lick her pussy and ass hole, she sucks his dick. She loves the feel of his hot, creamy cum on her massive tits.

BBW Sitting in Lingerie

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Sandra loves new lingerie. She loves being able to show her sexy curves and make her neighbor sweat. As soon as she notices his interest, she invites him over for a little game. She loves showing him what fat sitting is and how to play the game. He is happy to lay on the deck and watch her start her game of bbw sitting. He loves the smell of her ass and the taste of her bare pussy. As she enjoys the feeling of his tongue, she loves feeling her tits. The first one that cums, is the happy loser.

Fat Girl Porn BBW Sitting

Filed under: Fatsitting — admin at 10:55 pm on Monday, June 10, 2013

bbw sitting sex

Viktorie is a bbw that loves to play. She loves to play with her coach. She shows up at the tennis courts in a hot pink dress to teach him her favorite game, fat sitting. She dares him to lay on the courts so she can give him a peek of her luscious pussy. She lowers her purple clad pussy to his face for his first round of bbw sitting. He begs for her to move the panties so he can get her bare pussy on his lips. She loves the feel of his dick and tongue on her pussy.

BBW Sitting Girl Sex Video

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This is a bbw that is determined to teach her slave about bbw sitting. Jitka knows that he is ready to get his lesson because he thought to ignore her. She slowly stripped out of her clothes to show him all about fat sitting. She shows him her round ass and he loves watching her round ass and pussy folds lower onto his face. The smell of her pussy spawns him into a fucking frenzy. She loves the way his dick stands at attention and tastes. His hardcore fuck makes her happy she taught him a lesson in fat sitting.

BBW Sitting

Fat Sitting Sex is the Best

Filed under: Fatsitting — admin at 11:25 pm on Friday, June 7, 2013

bbw sitting
Marta is eager to seduce her crush with her skills in fat sitting. She loves knowing that her juicy, fat pussy is inches away from his eager lips. After she approaches him, she easily lays him down for a session of bbw sitting. After she sits on her crush’s face. She loves the feeling of his hot breath on her pussy folds. Before she could cum, she turned and started licking his dick. The fuck session that comes as a result of her introductions is enough to make her look forward to another random introduction. Maybe she will get another fuck.

BBW Sitting

BBW Sit on My Face

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When it comes to bbw sitting, there is no place like this. There are many luscious beauties to watch, it’s hard to make a decision. These beauties have the biggest tits and roundest asses that have ever been seen. The men that are able to have these round asses put on them are lucky. They love having soft, wet folds of their pussies in their face. They love smelling the sweet scent of their pussy and they beg for more. These are the ladies that make their slaves’ dreams come true. They push, they squat and they sit in faces.

I love BBW Sitting Sessions

Filed under: Fatsitting — admin at 1:32 am on Sunday, June 2, 2013

bbwsitting porn

Jitka knows how to treat a man. She loves being able to pleasure her husband with a fat sitting session. She loves it when he pulls his dick out and presents it to her. She loves laying him down on the ground, caressing his dick. She loves putting her massive naked tits and ass all over him. She enjoys it when he demands a 69 treat. She loves how her bbw sitting session turns into a hardcore fuck and suck session. As soon as she starts to suck his dick, he enjoys her warm and wet folds. She loves it.

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